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Continental United States


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US Flag Pricing

US Nylon Flags
US Flag 300x221
US Nylon Flags

MICHIGAN Flag Pricing

US Nylon Flags

We also have many other flags available. See Below.

MIA/POW Military Religious International
Pleated Fans Message Wave Equality
Ribbons Q1 ISO Custom

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We offer 2 different styles of Flags, NYLON AND POLYESTER, the difference is explained below.

Embroidered stars Embroidered stars
Lock stitched reinforced seams provide longer lasting flag durability Handcrafted 100% 2-ply spun polyester for extended outdoor fly exposure
Quick drying fabric resists fading and perfect for wet and mild climates Every seam is lock stitch reinforced for maximum durability
Reinforced fly-ends with nylon thread Features an exclusive brilliant white embroidered field of stars
Made of the finest nylon Zig-zag stitching 5″ up each side on all flags 8’X12′ and larger
Advanced UV protective technology
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